Chrysodeixis pseudoplusia includens

Chrysodeixis pseudoplusia includens Doenças e pragas - praga - lagarta-falsa-medideira - chrysodeixis includens cultura: ervilha, alface, algodão pseudoplusia includens, chrysodeixis includens.

Soybean looper: chrysodeixis (pseudoplusia) includens useful links join esa renew esa membership annual meeting awards bookstore branches career center. Complete genome sequences of six chrysodeixis includens nucleopolyhedrovirus isolates from brazil and guatemala saluana r craveiro,a,b luis arthur v. You are using a version of browser that may not display all the features of this website please consider upgrading your browser. 93117000 – 8890 – chrysodeixis includens – soybean looper moth formerly placed in the genus pseudoplusia references: lafontaine, j d.

Agente causal: pseudoplusia includens, chrysodeixis includens tipo de sintoma: sintomas: as lagartas atacam as folhas, destruindo o limbo foliar. Activity of bacillus thuringiensis cry1ie2, cry2ac7, vip3aa11 and cry7ab3 proteins against anticarsia gemmatalis, chrysodeixis includens and ceratoma trifurcata. Pseudoplusia includens plusia includens phalaena oo plusia hamifera plusia binotula plusia dyaus plusia pertusa plusia culta phytometra oo ab oonana. Chrysodeixis (pseudoplusia) includens , 158 misidentified/misapplied: phalaena oo (= argyrogramma verruca) stoll, [1780], in cramer, uitl. Chrysodeixis includens from wikispecies jump to: navigation, search subgenus: chrysodeixis (pseudoplusia) species: chrysodeixis includens name.

Doenças e pragas - praga - lagarta-falsa-medideira - chrysodeixis includens cultura: ervilha, alface, algodão pseudoplusia includens, chrysodeixis includens. Abstract anticarsia gemmatalis (velvetbean caterpillar) and chrysodeixis includens (soybean looper, formerly named pseudoplusia includens) are two important. 944 florida entomologist 95(4) december 2012 life table studies of rachiplusia nu (guenÉe) and chrysodeixis (= pseudoplusia) includens (walker) (lepidoptera. Chrysodeixis: check this box to expand all report sections: concept reference name used in concept reference: pseudoplusia includens taxonomic comments. Lagarta de chrysodeixis includens foto: afbueno - arquivo embrapa soja pupa de chrysodeixis includens foto: afbueno - arquivo embrapa.

Chrysodeixis pseudoplusia includens

Pseudoplusia includens becker & miller, 2002 media in category chrysodeixis includens the following 10 files are in this category, out of 10 total.

Chrysodeixis chalcites preferred common name chrysodeixis chalcytes in the usa immigrant c chalcites appear similar to pseudoplusia includens. Chrysodeixis includens pseudoplusia includensjpg 0 references taxon name chrysodeixis includens 0 references taxon rank species 0 references parent. Vicentina lopes cota aumento populacional chrysodeixis includens (lepidoptera:noctuidae, plusiinae) na cultura da soja no brasil: uma revisão. Looper (chrysodeixis includens, formerly pseudoplusia includens), an important agricultural pest, and geranium, pelargonium 9 hortorum (geraniaceae) c includens.

Chrysodeixis (pseudoplusia) includens (lepidoptera: noctuidae) ocorreu em maior número no genótipo bmx desafio (convencional) em relação à variedade tec. ResistÊncia de genÓtipos de soja a chrysodeixis includens (walker) (lepidoptera: noctuidae) eunice clÁudia schlick -souza. Pseudoplusia includens (walker, 1858) common name(s): chrysodeixis includens : geographic information geographic division: north america. Genus: chrysodeixis subgenus: chrysodeixis (pseudoplusia) species: c dalei – c includens name chrysodeixis (pseudoplusia) mcdunnough, 1944: 206. Discover life's page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of chrysodeixis includens - soybean looper moth -- discover life.

Chrysodeixis pseudoplusia includens
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